The Big Unity Question…

9 12 2009

With the recent publication of the unity indie license (allowing anyone to make a non-profit game) a number of questions have been raised.

Many people have asked the question: Will there be a giant influx of games in a youtube style?

In my opinion…yes!

There have always been people wanting an easy way to make 3d games and be able to distribute them to wide audiences and now their platform is here. You experienced indie developers out there may be thinking ‘Oh know!!! Gasp, horror, there’s nothing special about us anymore.’ Well relax, because if you can make a good game then you’ll be a fine. But if you’re someone who can’t make games well and has only survived in the business because you can make game while no one else can then maybe it’s time to raise your game.

But, in the end, there will be no larger an explosion of games than when Flash first started up. If you visit a flash portal then you will see tonnes of crap but you will also see some real masterpieces. Most games won’t go anywhere because they have nothing new or going for them. Others will thrive though in a world bored of killing zombies, great games shall be found.




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