Monetization – selling your soul?

19 11 2009

What is the best way to monetize is not my question today. My question is how far do you have to go to make money?

Any game developer needs to make money whether doing it part time or full time. While this is a controversial thing to say it’s certainly not stupid. there’s got to be some fruits to your labour and even the starving artist needs to eat once in a while because once he’s dead he no longer starves. So how far will you go?

The best way to make money out of games isto either get a super hit or make a tonne of casual games all bringing in a small but worthwhile amount of money. The 1st is much harder but the second is much cheaper, but will the second be classed as ‘selling out’? There’s no real art to the casual games market, it’s about money and a cheap but amusing play for the user. Surely if you desire your games as art then you will make something that’s true quality, but then you’re not going to make any money.

There is a rare balance though between art and money. Edmund Mcmillen would seem to have struck this balance with a regular flow of artistic games. He makes enough to support both him and his wife. But if has kids will he sell out or retire?

So will you ‘sell out’ or starve?

Or can you find that rare balance in which you can make quality and money…?




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