Review: JellyCar

6 11 2009

JellyCar is one of the funnest games I’ve played all year. Made by Walaber an Indie Game Developer, available on the iPhone, Xbox and PC, this is a killer game that is so addictive you’ll be playing for months.


The concept is that of any classic monster truck game. Get through a 2d landscape of obstacles and challenges in a short a time as possible. While this may not seem to original, the game itself is. In JellyCar everything is made of Jello. Being able to bounce off everything and watching your car deform as it hits bumps is actually a fun experience. As you lean and weave through levels at high speeds while everything around you wobbles when hit is very satisfying. In order to assure this doesn’t get boring quickly the game also has another fun twist, the use of size. In JellyCar there are certain obstacles that you cannot get over in your small, puny form. So, you must become the monstrous truck you really are and plough through the obstacles to get to the finish. While this sounds easy, it’s not. You can only go big for a short time. So in order to survive in this harsh Jello world you must dodge, weave and speed through levels as you go big and small and wobble all over the place. You’ll love it.

Now for the technical side. The graphics are cute and perfectly fit to the theme. Simple but attractive, the crayon colouring style fits perfectly with the idea of Jelly and is nice to look at. And of course if you’re not fond then there’s plenty of different styles to choose from. From funky retro to cool vectors there’s no eyesores.

The music is perfect. It fits to the theme like milk to cookies and will remind you of a nostalgic circus. The sound effects sound utterly cheap but fantastic, as if they were recorded by a 4th grader, they cannot go unloved.

The physics engine is brilliant, well scripted and realistic the physics engine somehow manages to be impressive and themed to the 4th grader style. This is definitely not a badly designed game.

In the end the game is fantastic. Everything just fits together, it just works. It’s fun, it’s fresh and it’s original. All in all an IndyDev rating of 4.5/5.




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