Guest Article: Writing Stories by bl00db47h

29 10 2009

The key to keep the players interest may be the gameplay, but another is the plot. You should have a good plot made before you even THINK about starting a game.

You may be one of those people who likes to take things as you go along, whether it be writing or making a film. Whatever you want. You can’t do that with games. You have to plan it out, get every single last detail of what you want to your page. Congratulations if you can think of something with the snap of your fingers!

Unfortunately, some people can’t.

Now, writing may be extremely tough for you. You may hate writing, with passion. Unfortunately, you must write to think of your ideas for a game. Here are some things that may help you:

1. take three words and blurt them out randomly. Here’s mine:

potato underpants head

Now, work around that. Here is what I did:

The legendary Potato man was sitting in his high voltage containment center one day, when he heard his alarm go off.

“OH NO!” he yelled. He knew it was the evil elephant head.

He stole poor Potato Man’s prized underwear. Now Potato Man shall fight to get it back!

OK, well, that’s our premise. You can use as many random words as you’d like to get started off.

2. Combine your favorite indie games together. Lets do two of Bluebaby’s games.

OK, lets put together Spewer and Meatboy. Now, they are already very similar. But the story shall go something like puking your way towards your girlfriend.

OK, so, after thinking of similar things, it turns out that someone has stolen your mother in hopes of getting her money, and you must get to her by releasing all your flatulence. Charming, no?

Alright, it may not be the most solid idea, but after building on to it, it can be a very enjoyable game.

I mean, lots of things have extremely simple storylines, and yet are very fun and exiting games. Mortal Kombat, for instance. You beat up people. Thats about it. It’s still very well made.

No plot here.

3) If you feel overwhelmed by all this, try to get people to help you. If you want to make this, but just can’t think of anything good, then ask for help. People will answer your call if you go to the right places.

So, to wrap it up.

  1. Randomization.
  2. Combination.
  3. Help.





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