Upcoming: Closure

27 10 2009

Closure is a currently in Development Puzzle Platformer game produced by Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe. Being an art game by nature it is based around the concept of what you can’t see doesn’t exist. It has already been been nominated for awards at PAX 10 and Indiecade and has won the Gameplay Innovation Award at Indiecade. It is already promising to be a massive hit as an online version has already been released and received a brilliant welcome from most critics. Though this online version is only the start of what seems to be a very promising Indie game.

Closure is a perfect example of innovation, taking an abstract idea and actually applying to a game. The gameplay itself could almost be called genius, or could it. The game consists of you, a lost human, living in a world of darkness which is only broken up by several lamps which light your way. If you venture of into the dark without these lamps then you will never return. So you must rely on these lamps at all time to guide your way. This in itself creates a fresh challenge from the normal game. But while being a brilliant piece of innovation, will the game actually be a hit among gamers, or will it be slightly too far out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Closure; early build screenshot.




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